was 20 years old when he walked in a bar and witnessed a 15 year old skinny white boy playing guitar like no other and thought, “This is not your everyday guitar player just trying to play the blues, I know this guy will be super well-known.” This kid was Stevie Ray Vaughan. They quickly became friends, anywhere Stevie played, Cutter was right there to help him along the way with several bands in Dallas and Austin. Cutter knew nothing about the music business, but had a burning passion for what he was suddenly surrounded by, and the desire to help those that were dear to him. Through the years Cutter learned the difference between the gig business and entertainment business by touring the world with bands like Johnny Winter, JoJo Gunne, Tom Scott, Andy Gibb, and Ian Hunter among others, yet he always returned home to work with Stevie.

Fifteen years after Stevie’s untimely passing, Cutter has written his autobiography about his life with his beloved friend Stevie and many other unforgettable artists. Feel the passion of the dreams these artists have that made them keep going, those who make our lives so much more enjoyable through the power of music. The good times, the bad times, the struggles that a band goes through to achieve the dream, it’s all felt right here. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will know what it was like from a master storyteller who has been there and done it.

Over 300 pages of stories, Over 250 pages of photos.